What we do

We support dialogue between companies and stakeholders

Services we offer

Preparation support for company disclosures

<Preparation support>

  • Quarterly presentation material for financial results
  • Annual reports
  • Integrated reports
  • Mid-term management plan
  • Timely disclosures
  • Press releases

iProfess Partners fully supports our customers for their preparation of company disclosures from planning the type and scope of material to be disclosed to translating Japanese reporting into English for a simultaneous release. Along with the latest reporting trends, we aim to present disclosure information in a concise manner that aligns with the needs of stakeholders around the globe. We always try to ask our customers about the purpose of presenting information before thinking about what and how to present such information. Because that is the key to a successful and useful information disclosure.

With a clear mission since founded, Company X was growing steadily and planning to expand business overseas. However, its share price was not necessarily reflecting the results, partly because of its reluctance to disclose information to the market. We explained the importance of understanding the viewpoint of investors and proposed Company X to draw up a mid-term equity story, which was the first of the kind of report for the Company. Over the months-long project, we interviewed management, summarized its business model, and conducted market/financial research so that all can be reflected into the company’s equity story and mid-term management plan. We also provided an English translation, which were disclosed at the same time at year-end reporting.

Translation / Interpretation

<Interpretation service>

  • International conferences
  • Client meetings or group-wide meetings
  • Company briefing sessions

<Translation service>

  • Statutory reports and other disclosure documents
  • Annual reports, integrated reports
  • Mid-term management plans
  • Press releases
  • Accounting rules and other internal documents
  • Company websites

Using right words in a concise manner is the key for a successful dialogue.  iProfess Partners initially started as a translation/interpretation company specialized in finance and accounting. 

Although our featured translation/interpretation services are included in the SR consulting service and the preparation support for company disclosures, customers are also welcomed to order the translation/interpretation services alone when looking for professional simultaneous interpreters for international conferences or translators for accounting and finance materials.

  • Pharmaceutical company: Highly evaluated our international expertise in audit and hired us as an interpreter for the group’s internal audit interviews
  • Big 4 audit firm: Regularly using our simultaneous interpretation service for its global executive meetings and sales meetings
  • Manufacturing company:  English to Japanese translation for financial statements of foreign subsidiaries to be reported to Japan headquarters
  • Accounting industry organization: Translation of IFRS comment letters, professional minute taking for international conferences

SR consulting service

<SR consulting service>

  • Planning of investors fair and company briefing sessions
  • Facilitation services for various meetings and events
  • Attending meetings
  • Translation/interpretation
  • Professional minute taking
  • Market research

Information disclosure is the starting point to have a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders. Also, having a good communication with stakeholders, particularly investors, provides the company with a great opportunity for seeking professional advice, not only for disclosures but also for management issues in some cases.

iProfess Partners encourages our customers to have an interactive communication with stakeholders, especially investors, so that feedback obtained can be reflected into company KPIs or management strategies. We are reliable, great listeners, who can work closely with management and provide advisory service on a project basis or through a monthly service agreement, depending on our customer’s budget and purpose.

Company Y is an emerging tech company with little resource for an effective SR. But it has a strong ambition to expand investors and reach out to foreign individual and institutional investors. iProfess Partners signed a monthly advisory service agreement with Company Y and discussed strategies to enhance contacts with investors, such as by holding company briefing sessions. Company Y was happy about our advisory service, as it could quickly obtain various ideas from professionals at a reasonable price.

Value we offer

We solve problems that many Japanese companies face.

Dialogue is a series of cycles in which a company discloses information (Disclose), discusses issues with stakeholders (Discuss), reflects the results in corporate management and business strategies (Reflect), and provides better disclosed information to stakeholders.

However, many Japanese companies are not good at this “dialogue” for a variety of reasons.
Including language barriers, lack of human resources, finance knowledge, cultural differences, and disregard for shareholders.

iProfess acts as a catalyst and supports corporate dialogue in English and Japanese.

iProfess acts as a communicator, interpreter, consultant, commentator, and facilitator between Japanese companies and stakeholders.

Our value proposition

We support suitable disclosures based on latest reporting trends

Our value proposition

We provide translation, interpretation with accounting background

Our value proposition

We provide translation, interpretation with accounting background

Our value proposition

We offer consulting service reflecting the needs of company/stakeholders

Our value proposition

We offer consulting service reflecting the needs of company/stakeholders